Deb and Richard (Townhouse Purchase - Abbotsford)

We are very happy to say that Sam Youssef is our Real Estate Agent.  We moved here from Alberta one month before Covid hit and we had our share of difficulties.  But Sam literally walked through it all with us.  Trying to sell our home in AB in the midst of this pandemic proved to be a long process and difficult to buy anything out here until it was sold.  Out of all the Real Estate Agents we had in our lifetime, Sam is the one that stands out.  He listened and showed he cares.  He works with you as you try to figure out what it is you need and suits your lifestyle.  He even tag-teamed with his wife when he was not able to come out and helped us find an excellent mortgage broker as well as advising us on all kinds of details that we had to deal with in setting up house in BC.  Even after all the paperwork was signed and we had officially moved in, he took the time to see how we were settling in and offered to help in a number of ways, above and beyond his "job" of finding us a home.  We would gladly refer his services to any looking for not just a house but a home.

Lewiza (Home Sale and Condo Purchase - Surrey)

I have been living in Canada for 30 years you Sam is the best Realtor I have ever met. I would have regretted it if I did not choose him. He was so kind and was amazing at managing my frustrations during the process. Many time I refused to allow people to come for a showing but his kindness and reasoning allowed me to change my mind. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. 

(Arabic Review)

سام انت ريلتور اكثر من رائع
برغم انه وقت البيع بيبقي وقت صعب بجنون لف الكراتين وتوزيع اللي مش عايزاه وبيع حاجات في كريجز ليست بالاضافة للناس اللي جوم كثير عشان يشوفوا البيت وتظيب البيت عشان يكون علي احسن شكل والضغوط الجامدة ديه وكنت مشدودة جدا لكن هدوئك وصبرك كنت انت بتهدي اعصابي باسلوبك اللطيف من غير ما انت تعلم
بجد انا باشكر ربنا انه عرفني بيك لتكون الريلتور بتاعي
انا كنت هاندم لو لم تكن انت معي اثناء بيع البيت

دعائي انك تكون مساعد لكل نفسك محتاجة حظ سعيد 

Kyle (Townhouse Purchase - New Westminster)
Sam made buying my first property extremely seamless and stress free.  Throughout the entire process he made sure I was getting what I wanted and never felt pressure to make any decisions.  As a first time home buyer, I was going into this a little blind and was extremely thankful to have Sam in my corner.  In the end, he helped me close the deal at a great price.  Other than being a Liverpool fan I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Sam. 
David & Debbie (Home Sale - Delta, Townhouse Purchase - South Surrey)
I (David) had the pleasure of working with Sam for over 12 years in his previous career.  Through that experience I already knew he was a mature, professional and gentle soul.  A true gentleman. We utilized Sam in selling our family home of 20 years and purchased our new home.  What we found in using him was that he was honest and caring in our needs. I felt I could speak open and honestly to Sam on how we felt and what we needed.  We felt absolutely no pressure or “salesman” type tactics from him. In Sam, you not only get a professional Real Estate agent but also a caring person that will look after you to the best of his abilities.  We will definitely use him again and I have full confidence in referring him to others.

Charles (Condo Purchase - Abbotsford)
As a first-time buyer, Sam made finding a finding a home in a new city a stress-free experience. He was always available, quickly responding to my questions. He also successfully negotiated down the asking price in a hot market. I’ll definitely go back to him for my next house purchase.